Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh Pumpkin!

One of my absolute favorite parts of Fall/Halloween, is when we get to carve our pumpkins. What is not to love about carving a pumpkin? The smell of your freshly cut pumpkin, creating a face, running your hands through the pumpkin goo. Ahhh... it is all just wonderful. So, here is a picture of me and my beloved friend.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Free Photo Booth

This makes me laugh!

Banana Split Night

Every Wedness day night is something I look forward to. It is the night that I get to spend time with a bunch of friends and 3 year olds at our church. Anyway, everynight there is something special going on at Cubbies, but this night was really special. It is banana spilt night! Personally, I just think that this night out does all other nights that AWANA does. Anway, they fill the gym with a long gutter and then fill the gutter with a bunch of banana splits! FUN! The picture bellow is one that just makes me laugh, and becuase this blog is titled " Don't Forget To Laugh" I feel the need to put it up.

Yummy Yummy!
This picture is of me and my friend Jaedyn doing puppets! I was Luvy lamb and she was Cubbie bear! Together, we are an amazing puppet group!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The day of rest?

This Sunday was not a day of rest for us... it was a day to party! Last week, my amazing sister, Emily, turned 13. So this Sunday was her birthday party. She invited 6 amazing girls to the Schitler Farm to do a corn maze. One of the pros to having a sister that is your best friend, is that you get to come to the party and participate in everything like you are just one of the guests! So i get to have just as much fun as everybody else! Here are some pictures of the fun filled day...

Although we might have not recieved alot of rest this day, Lewis did... and on his new bed made by Brenna! Brenna was so sweet and made a bed for our new kitten. This is just how Brenna is though, always thinking of sweet things she can do for other people. So Brenna... Lewis says thanks for the new bed! He loves it!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Here I Go!

Well, here I go! I am actually starting a blog. I am always asking my mom to up date her blog, and so she suggested that I just start my own. Thinking this wasn't such a bad idea, I began thinking of blog names. Although I would like to claim that I thought of this blog title, I couldn't... cause it was my brilliant, creative dad who did. He sat in our office with me for 20 min. brainstorming ideas. I finally choose this name, Don' forget 2 laugh. I think that this little phrase is me in a nut shell. So, wish me luck on my new "blogging adventures"!