Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Triple "M"

Triple "M" :

Maddie + Movie Night + Mac= Many Memories

We seriously do believe that God looked at us and said, "Look at those two losers, I am gonna make them best friends!"


We are still working on gun position...

"You guys look like hobos! Maddie doesnt have any teeth!" - My Dad

Yes, I am half Bassett Hound.

Our teeth are so white, we must have been chewing Orbit Gum!


So, basically I had a great time. And we were eatting dinner and Maddie starts coloring something and then gives it to me and tells me to put it on my cork board in my room. Let me show you what she made...


Hope you enjoyed our interesting pictures!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My favorite movie clip ever....

This can make me laugh so hard I am crying every time. The beginning it is fuzzy, but then it clears up! Enjoy!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dwight Quote

Okay, so this morning I put into google, "Great Dwight Quotes". Incase you didnt know, I am a HUGE Office fan and Dwight is my favorite character.

This quote had me laughing so hard, you might not appreciate it as much if you havent seen the episode but I LOVE it!

So Meredith is in the hospital because Micheal accidentally hit her with his car. Dwight goes to visit her int he hospital and asks her if she wants him to "Pull the Plug" on her oxygeon tank. Then, they go to interviewing him and this is what he says,

"As a farmer I know that when an animal is sick sometimes the right thing to do is put it out of it’s misery. With the electricity we are using to keep Meredith alive we could power a small fan for two days. You tell me what’s unethical."

I find this super duper funny... completley priceless....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Entiat 2010 ~Wrapping it Up~

Okie dokie! I am at my last post for our Entiat trip. If you are still reading these, you are one of my favorite people ever! So, I am just going to post some pictures that make me smile, laugh, bring back memories, or whatever. So enjoy!

We are cool like that...

Oh car rides....

I told Beth to look happy, I think she looks a tad bit scared though...

Good ole' card games

Beth had just eatten a blue cookie... hence the blue tongue

This is the big rock that sits infront of the house. We all sat on this rock for a long time talking about nothing important and having a blast

This picture is a perfect example of my Dad and I. Always giggling about something. It is not the best picture ever, but I like it a lot.

So, as I am wrapping up this blog post I am just going to write out a few things that I will remember forever about this vacation.

1. The HUGE water fight I had with Alex our 2nd night there. No pictures, but it was amazingly awesome.
2. Jet Ski day and having the rental guy think that Alex and I were well over 16 years old
3. Watching Mrs. Carlson get so excited about Blueberry Hills
4. Getting to know Brenna so much better.
5. Beth and I laughing so hard we were crying about some game on my iPod
6. Staying outside sitting on the drive way until midnight with Alex talking about "Entiat's history" :)
7. Watching Emily convince Alex to swim through lake weed
8. "I even saw them KISS" - Thomas. (Dont ask, it is an inside joke us six have)
9. Playing would-you-rather with Beth, Brenna, Emily, and I at the pool
10. Making up a handshake with Beth
11. Brenna and I playing "Hand Tennis" There were not enough rackets to go around so we just used our hands!
12. When Beth and I had our "spy" missions
13. Be trying to convince Thomas and Beth that Alovera was actually just snake spit (They didnt fall for it)
14. The bajillion times I played Rat Race
15. This one is more of a story... So it was our last night there and we were all talking. Brenna looks over at Emily and says, "Emily, you are the nicest person I know, except for Amanda." How I love little Miss Brenna.

Anways, thank you so much Carlson Family for making June 30- July 8 the most amazing time ever! Cant wait for next year!

Entiat 2010 ~Slide Waters~

Ah.... Slide waters! The glorious water park we visited in Entiat. We rode so many rides and had so much fun. Again, I am at a loss of words today, so it will mainly just be pictures and me narrorating them.

Okay... So Mrs. Carlson sent me all of these pictures because my mom didnt bring her camera on water park day. So when I was looking through these I came across this one and almost fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard! Emily and I could NOT stop laughing. Alex can always make us laugh.

Beth, Me, Emily, Alex

Mrs. Carlson, Me, Brenna getting ready to thow ourselves down the big hill and race to the bottom!

Hot tub breaks are good :)

2 dudes that just got done with a ride

Oh Brenna... I love Brenna so much and this picture just makes me giggle. She looks so discusted with the whole situation. But really, we got off of this ride and she was laughing and saying, "Oh Amanda, lets go again, this time you in the front!"

Friday, July 16, 2010

Vitamin Water

     Lets take a break from Entiat for a bit and let me talk about something that totally made my day. When I pulled a vitamin water out of the fridge this is what I read on the back of the bottle...

If you want to be a super hero, here are a few mandates: tights (with the underwear on the ourside) and knee high boots (even if your a dude).  But if you dont want to fight crime and just want to help in the fight of your overall health, we recommend this bottle.  Its got zinc and 120% of your dail.y value of vitamin c per serving!  So leave your side kick back at the cave and bring along this bottle.  Best part, you wont have to attach one of thoes ridiculous side cars to your motorcycle!

It made me smile:)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Entiat 2010 ~Jet Ski Day~

     So, Jet Ski day is one of my favorite days of our vacation. There is nothing that beats riding a jet ski. I LOVE going fast and hitting the waves hard and getting bumped around like crazy. Here is the problem with me blogging me today, I really dont want to write anything. So I am just going to post pictures, and maybe write down a few memories I have about the pictures.

One of my new favorite pictures. Look at our hair from going super duper fast on the wave runner.

Okay, this really does deserve some writing. So Alex is freaked out by lake weed. He cant stand it. He doesnt like to look at it, feel it, swim in. He doesnt know what is in the lake weed and he just doesnt like it. But somehow Emily convinced him that they could swim out there on noodles and get past the lake weed and his fear would be over. WHAT A SIGHT! Alex had his feet high in the air so that he wouldnt touch the lake weed and he was flapping his arms around sooo much. He had 2 noodles to float on and Emily just had 1. Emily swam all the way out there saying, "we are past the lake weed, calm down."

pretty view!

Another cool picture taken by my mother

Isn't my brother adorable?

They burried Thomas in the sand

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Entiat 2010 ~4th of July~

A picture my mom took and I edited
     Ahhh... the 4th of July. Fireworks, icecream, friends, celebrating our country's freedom, Entiat, hamburgers, hot weather... does it get any better? I dont think so.

     The neighborhood that we stay at has a 4th of July parade every year. They bring in a fire truck and people decorate their golf carts in red white and blue galore, and kids ride their bikes. Super cute. I guess is would mean more if you actually lived there and knew some of the people there. Last year we miss the parade, but this year, we were there in the front row. None of us were very excited to go the parade when we could be in the pool.  But when one of the dads mentioned that they would be giving out candy we all had our shoes on and were out the door before you could say another word :)
Waiting for the parade with my best friends

Emily and Brenna showin' their American Pride

I absolutley LOVE this picture. Mostly because I am sitting next to the coolest 4th grade girl you will EVER meet.

While walking down the parade Emily and Brenna found a flag and decided to carry it around for a while. Beth and I also were looking around for stuff that had blown off of houses. It was ridiculously windy that day so stuff was blowing off of houses left and right. Beth even found a party hat!

 Would have been an awesome picture if Alex wasnt blinded by the sun and Brenna was a few inchs taller....Notice Beth is holding something that she found on the ground :)

The "big" kids

This little girl in the parade made me smile. She had on a red, white and blue tu-tu, red sparkley shoes, an old navy shirt, red ribon in her hair, and the biggest smile on her face. She was super cute skippin' down the road completley pleased with her outfit.

One of the neighbors made the Statue of Liberty. Pretty cool huh?

One of the MANY golf carts all decorated the parade

     After getting home and then eatting dinner we thought it would be a fun idea to have a water fight. So, we got out the water guns, water baloons, and buckets. We spent about an hour filling up water balloons. But not one ballon lated more than 10 min before it was thrown at Alex for squirting us with the hose. So after an hour of "filling up water balloons", we had no balloons, Alex was dripping, and I was drenched from being the only one squirted with the hose. Well, okay some of them were wet too from defending me. Good friends will pound their own brother with a water balloon for you. Then, we saw that the neighbors were outiside with nothing to do, so we asked them if they would join us for a water fight. They agreed and the battle began. Brenna and I went in cause were just standing their shivering like crazy. By the time we came back outside with dry clothes on, the battle was over but the neighbors had brought out some water balloon launcher thing. Thomas and Alex were totally into it and they were seeing how far they could launch the balloons.

Now for the event that you all think of when the phrase 4th of July is said... fireworks! It was freezing cold out and we had just finished out icecream. I was lucky enough to have Thomas sit on my lap, he kept me pretty warm.

Bundled up and ready for the show...

My mom took those firework shots last year, but they are still firewoks and I still think that they are fun pictures.

Although it may be late, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!