Monday, November 29, 2010


This is my child  cat. I love him lots. He runs into walls and does stupid stuff that makes my whole family laugh.

Friday, November 26, 2010


I am sure that every single one of you spent a lot of your day wondering.... "How do the Arend Family spend their Thanksgiving?"

Well worry no longer, I am here to answer that question for you.

It has become a tradition that our amazing friends, The Carlsons, come over with their sweet Grandma and we hang out and eat too much good food. 

This year, Emily decided we should play a game. (Thats Emily for ya, always wanting to play a game) She thought that Minute To Win It would be a fun game. She was right! Minute to win it is a game where you are given a task you must complete in 60 seconds.  If you dont do so, you dont get a point and your team is sad and goes and cries for hours and hours.  Okay, maybe not hours. We were broken out into two teams...
 Team 1: Dad, Mrs. Carlson, Brenna, Alex, and Thomas
Team 2: Emily, Mr. Carlson, Mom, Beth, and Me
We had 5 games. Whoever had the most points at the end of the games won a prize. 

The first game was called Candeleir. My dad represented Team 1 and I proudly played for Team 2. You have to make a stack of cups and paper plates. You must use 15 cups and 5 plates. 

 My dad won. His stood and was beautiful. Mine fell but was still beautiful. 

Then, we had the game, This Blows.  You have 15 plastic cups and one balloon. You have to blow the balloon up and then let the air out and blow the cups off the counter.  Alex played for Team Uno and Mr. Carlson for Team Dos.  Mr. Carlson blew up that balloon and knocked the cups off in no time at all! WAY TO GO MR. CARLSON!!!!!!!! HE WON! WOOO HOOO!  We dont have a picture of Alex playing this game. What a bummer...

Next up, Noodling Around.  Mrs. Carlson for Team 1 and Mom for Team 2.  You have a spaghetti noodle in your mouth and have to get 5 penne noodles on that one noodle without the spaghetti noodle breaking or one of the penne noodles falling off. 

Mom won. WOOT WOOT!

Match Maker was up next in line.  You have 18 cups with M&M's underneath it.  You have to pick up the cup, take the M&M and then put it in the right station.  For example, if you pick up the cup and there is a red M&M then you would run and put it in the red cup. You have to go through all of the cups before a minute is up. 

Thomas won! Way to go buddy!

Then we had Junk in the Trunk.  You have to tie a tissue box around your waist.  You have to put 6 ping pong balls inside the emptied out tissue box and shake around to get them all out.  You cant use your hands, so you have to jump around like crazy. Brenna shook for Team 1 and Emily for Team 2.  It was so funny to watch.

Next, my favorite.  Face the Cookie.  You have to put an Oreo on your forehead and move it down to your mouth using ONLY YOUR FACIAL EXPRESSIONS! You can not shake your head around or use your hands. Everyone ends up making weird face shapes and it is so much fun to watch.  Everyone played this one.

After this we went to Christmas Forrest...

 Look at my beautiful family!
 This is such a funny picture.  It just makes me laugh!

We usually come home after Christmas Forrest for some pie and some Christmas movie!  This year, we had pumkin pie, apple pie and then.... THIS.
Oh my. You can not say you have tasted something yummy until you have tried this. Then again, you cant say you have tried anything yummy until you have eatten anything made by Mrs. Carlson. She is an amazing cook/ baker.  It is Pumpkin Bread pudding. You have your pudding stuff and then this awesome vanilla sauce and then warm carmel! YUMMMMMMY! I am not a fan of pie or pudding, but this.... oh my. I think I may be asking for this on my birthday. It was the best dessert I have ever had.
Yupp... best dessert ever.

Hope you and your families had a great Thanksgiving full of fun memories. I know that mine was! Thanks Carlsons for helping make a bunch of fun Thanksgiving memories with us!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving- Eve!

What am I most thankful for? Well... Let me tell you!

  • The gift of salvation that is freely given to me through Jesus Christ
  • A family who loves me

  • Parents who love each other

  • A friend that loves Christ and is fun to be with
  • Laughter

  • A Big Sister

  • God Moments

  • Sibblings who are goofy and make me smile!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It will just take 3 minutes...

I want you to watch this. I post a lot of youtube videos on here that I know people wont watch. But I REALLY want you to watch this one. It has got me thinking... and I hope it does the same for you.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Random and Short

 WARNING: This post has no point. It is short and random.

Let me show you a picture that I took in my Digital Imaging class that I am pretty proud of. I like it... a lot!

     Now, moving on. I got rain boots yesterday... cute rain boots!

Fall is cuter in poka dots....

I dont know what else to write... so this post is over.  

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Did you know...

That my sister is beautiful?

Friday, November 12, 2010

My thoughts...

Here are the thoughts running through my head right now... as I type. This could be dangerous ;)

Found this picture and it made me laugh. This is my friend Jason, the funniest person that you will ever meet.  Jake took this awesome picture at Cubbies.

I am super excited for Thanksgiving

I want to see the movie "Unstopable"... really bad

Having Thursday be a day off of school has really messed me up, I keep thinking today is Monday

I love hanging out at Maddie's house

I have been making turkey sandwichs for lunch almost every day and I have mastered it. I make the best turkey sandwich... ever. Dont even challenge me.

A chocolate chip cookie sounds really good right now... but when does a cookie not sounds good?

I am excited that I dont have school for 2 days

The new Tenth Avenue North music video is super awesome and you should all watch it ( Its on the bottom of this post)

I love how it is sunny but cold out these days

I hope it snows a BUNCH this year

I love having friends that make me laugh

My mom bought a ton of meat yesterday, so our freezer is packed with amazing steaks. We had one last night and it was unbelievable

Our dance group did really great at a performance last Saturday

There are a lot of Dr. Suess books around my house

I am glad my mom keeps our house clean :) It is always nice to come home to a clean house

I hope we have fried rice for dinner

Thats all... :) Sorry for my completely random blog posts that are probably not fun for anyone but me!

Here is that video was talking about...

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's My Happy Song

Do you have a song that just makes you happy? Doesnt matter what kind of day you are having, when you listen to that song it just makes you happy. Well...  mine is Better Together by Jack Johnson. Ahh... it is just a happy, calm, easy to listen to song and it... makes me happy :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

God is awesome...

I think that when God made fall, He was feeling mighty creative.

I was looking at all of these pictures an National Goegraphic's website and the only that that kept coming to my mind was... "How on earth does the same God who MADE this, love me enough to die for me?" I guess the answer to that is just... that He loves me with a kind of love I will never be able to understand. Thanks God!

God will never stop amazing me... ever.
"The heavens declare the glory of God"- Pslams 19:1