Sunday, September 25, 2011

Band Geeks Rock

NTHS had their first marching band competition this weekend. I can't even tell  you how proud I am of my friends in this band. They are so dedicated and passionate about what they do. They give up hours of their time to come and learn music, steps, and their routine. I am so impressed with how hard they have worked and the time they give for their passion. It was great getting to go watch them compete and take 2nd! Nice work! So proud of Emily. I cant even begin telling you... She is one of the few Freshmen who got on the Advance band. She has worked her tail off learning all of the music, praciting her steps, and memorizing the routine. Emily, no matter how much Thomas and I make fun of you for marching around the house, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! And Maddie and Myranda... so proud of you 2!

2 completely adorable geeks ready to kick some band bootie...

I went with my Mom, Dad, Thomas, and Jake to go watch these little band geeks that I adore go perform. A band competition is a different type of world. Holy cow... I had no idea it was so intense. Fun to see all of this stuff in action that Emily is ALWAYS talking about. We had fun!

This would be an incredibly horrible picture, and I cant even believe I am posting it, but Thomas's face on this one had Jake, Thomas and Me laughing for a loooong time. During a routine Thomas would turn towards Jake and give him that exact stare whenever there was something weird in someone's routine. So this picture is not for cuteness, but for memory. Just thought I'd let ya know...

People Make Me Laugh

People are weird. There is no other way to say it. They are weird and make me laugh. I am totally a part of this weird category... and I make myself laugh with all of my weirdness. I can't even tell you all of the weird things I see people do at school.... It's quite entertaining if you ask me.

This would be Jason pretending to stab poor innoscent Matthew... See, even my closest friends are weird! This was at Jake's party and it was uh... quite the night. We went to Dirty Daves then came back to his house and watched the movie The Beaver... this would be Jason re inacting the movie. It was a weird one... for sure. And I am just writing this so I can remember it later on, but Jason's shirt says "Jesus is my BOSS!... Amen" and it just made me laugh everytime I saw it...

Ok, this one deserves a story... I've been meaning to post about this one for a long time. This summer we had girls bible studies once a week. One time we met at Starbucks kinda late at night and we were in the Barnes and Nobles by the mall. And Melanie and I turned around at some point and saw these characters. They were both obviously without a home... or shower. Or toothbrush. Yet they had DS's to play on. And they talked to each other for the majority of the time through cell phones... it was great. And one guy tried bringing his dog in like 4 different times. But they kept telling him he couldnt. The guy was persistant and even tried hidding the dog in his pants... Heavens. Like I said, people are weird.

I hope you enjoy your own weirdness and it can make you laugh. Cause I find myself laughing at myself numerous times thoughout the day!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Big Stuff

In my life... the little boring insignificant things are the big stuff in life. Like...

Emily's first night of High School Youth group...
Big. Stuff.

 Alli and I kinda sorta matching.... We were both wearing brown colors, looked fall-ish, and had TOMS on. So therefore, we match.
Big. Stuff.

Starbucks bringing back the Pumpkin Spice Latte.... Big Stuff
Having a first full week of school done... Big Stuff
My Uncle moving into town... Big stuff. Okay, that one is really big. But its really exciting too
Seeing all the leaves start to fall... Big Stuff.
Cubbies starting... Big Stuff.
Its all just big and exciting stuff going on in Amanda Land...

Friday, September 9, 2011

People.... PRAY!

On September 9th, 2011, Delores Peppley was almost killed. As Delores sat by the side lines of the football field, awaiting her first performance of 2011, she was pushed. All she was doing was resting before she had to march out there and play her little heart out. Getting her thoughts together and really trying to focus. But sometimes God's plan surprises us, and tragedy happens. When a sudden push hit the fence she was leaning on, she collapsed and no longer could play sweet gorgeous music. Bahoomamoo... As her kind and caring person, Maddie, rushed to her side, she didnt see any damage at first. Until the pair tried to work together. Maddie would press the keys, expecting Delores to pull her weight and actually make the sound. But Delores was too weak and wounded for such a task. Trying to hold back tears, Maddie marched out onto South Sound Stadium with Delores in her hands, and gave the performance of her life. But it just wasn't the same without her faithful friend, Delores. Yes, Delores can sometimes be a pain, but deep down, she is a kind caring Clarinet who is a team player.
Devastated, Maddie came to her person friend, Amanda, and told her the sad and tragic story of our dear friend Delores. Oh the tears. They could hardly keep it together as the Bahoomamoo-ed over the possible death of such a close friend.

BUT THEN! Maddie, in all her wisdom, although Amanda is the wise one, remembered that Johnson Hospital was open and just a few bleacher seats down. So, Delores was rushed over to Dr. Johnson and was quickly repaired. A little scar tissue, but nothing to keep her back in life. THERE IS A GOD! Always believe in miracles people. I hope that this story will have as great of an impact on you as it has for me.


Purple and White

ITS BACK BABY! Football games are here again. Oh Happy Day! I can not tell you how long I have been waiting to put on my purple tu-tu again and scream and do silly dances and cheers and watch my team score touch downs. Ahhh.... its great. Ive missed it a lot. Tonight we played Timberline, our rivals, and we won. Hallelujah. It was a close and great game to watch... Good stuff...

Jordan, Me, Maddie
All my friends are band friends. So, I get to sit with these geeks and have the best time ever. Sitting with the band is the place to be!

Best Best Best friend... And I would like you all to know that her hair is covering up all the letters on her shirt but the letter "A". For Amanda of course.... So thoughtful


Jordan.... and Sarah poppin in!

Myranda, Me, And Emily.... Myranda is my new lunch buddy sense Maddie has a different lunch then I do. She is crazy and fun and hilarious. Were gonna have a goooood time.

New thing to school this year.... EMILY IS THERE! I love it! Its fun to see your sibbling walking down the halls and getting to say hi. I love Emily and I love having here there so much!

Coolest parents at the stadium...

For You Maddie...

I am back. Back to school. Back to homework. Back to dance. Back to Cubbies. Back to being busy. Back to seeing Maddie every day. Back to football games. Back to a schedule. And most importantly, back to blogging. Maddie has been asking or hinting about me blogging for awhile so I am caving in and going for it! So... these pictures are for Maddie....

This was during the summer... and it was around... eh... like 9 o'clock and we plugged in Bruce Almighty and made a cake... no big deal... and we were suppose to make a design according to Emily. Yea... well Maddie and I are too advanced of bakers to take any form of instruction. SO! We did not follow such ridiculous orders and just put them on as we wanted... cause it all comes back to Maddie and I ;) But if you look closely we did make a robot... but not really.

Were gonna open a bakery called.... I dont know. We will need to work on a name. Help me out with this one Maddie

OKAY! Story time: I needed a belt and saw a cute one that I wanted at American Eagle. So I had a day where I wasn't doing anything and I told Maddie she should come with me to go pick out this belt and just go for a little trip to American Eagle and just hang out for a little. We went. And guess what? That cute belt was 35 dollars. T-H-I-R-T-Y F-I-V-E!!!!!!!! That's ridiculous... for something that's gonna be holding my pants up... yea. no gracias. I was smart and didn't spend that much on a piece of leather, but we did end up getting bracelets. And most importantly, I got a rewards card. My family and Maddie laughs at me because I never ever shop there, but hey! I saved 4 bucks when I got it... so I therefore win. Anywho... in other news....we were walking back to the car and we passed the store, Icing. And I am always on the hunt for some good purple junk I can wear for football games. So i demanded that we stop so I could look for a head band that was purple and preferably sparkly. No luck. BUT! We did find these incredible hats....
WHAT THE HECK PEOPLE! Belts are 35 dollars and now they are making.... THESE? Goodness gracious.... We were cracking up. Plus... the lady working at Icing, who was a little out of it, yelled across the store, and I do mean, YELLED across the story "OH! THAT BIG HAT? I BOUGHT THAT ONE A FEW DAYS AGO! ITS SO CUTE!!!" Yea.... way to go.

Anyways.... this blog post was filled with stuff only Maddie and I care about and jokes she will only get. But, I hope you enjoyed the post Maddie...  :)