Saturday, December 10, 2011

A big hodge podge of happiness

Well... I have 3 days of school left before winter break, the house is all decorated, I dont have a lot of homework, I got to sleep in, I've got a fun day planned tomorrow with Jake, and I get to wear sweatpants all day long. I'm just a big bundle of happiness right now.  And to celebrate: here are pictures that just over flow with happiness. :)

I love this chica... mucho.

 Is it weird that I LOVE these 2 more then most things. And that I freak out when a new picture of them is posted in facebook cause it is just too much cuteness for my eyes to handle? 


Ahhh summer
Side note: THIS is the best Christmas album. Michael Buble is my favorite... well him and Jack Johnson... and tenth avenue north... ok, maybe I have a lot of favorites.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby Anna

Just pray. Maddie's Aunt is going to be giving birth to their daughter tomorrow.  The baby has some major heart problems that can only be fixed by a miracle.  This has been on my heart constantly all week and especially tonight, as the big day is tomorrow. I am praying that Anna comes out and the doctors know exactly what to do, that the parents are given peace and understanding in whatever God's plan is for thier little girl, and that God would be evident throughout the whole process.  Anna has obviously made big impacts on peoples life before she has even been born and I am anxious and in prayer for what is going to happen.

Here is a link to her blog!