Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sometimes, really awesome people do really awesome things. Like really awesome parents who get you a really awesome Mac. Or a really awesome boyfriend, who gets you really awesome earrings.

Friday, December 21, 2012

A lot has happened since I last blogged. And it's too overwhelming to think about writing down everything in  chronological  order. So here is a hodge podge of whats been going on. 

Do you ever have a verse that grabs your attention and God doesn't let it leave your mind? You think about it, pray about it, and are absolutely consumed with what it has to say? Yupp, that's exactly what this verse has done for me lately. I ran across it about a month ago, and wowza! Changed my heart, mind and attitude quite dramatically. I love how the Bible proves itself to be alive.

On a different note.... LOOK! I was accepted into Western. And I don't want to brag about myself here.... but this is exciting! Also, because of my GPA and admissions essay, my application will be sent off to the scholarship committee for the first batch of scholarships to be given out. Thank you Jesus! I was so nervous about being accepted here, and considering it is my top choice for school next year, I was so excited to hear I got in! Thank you Jesus! Seriously...

THIS GIRL! She is awesome. Awesome awesome awesome. I am always really thankful for our friendship, but lately its just blowing me away! The way God introduced us, the hard stuff we have gone through, and all the many hours of giggles. I am so thankful for a friend like her!

And... big knews.... Maddie and I... we are going...... TO DISNEYLAND! HELLO! How exciting is that? Our parents decided that we could go, BY OURSELVES, over spring break to Disneyland. 4 days in Disneyland with Maddie? Oh, sing Hallelujah! This will be a par-tay!
I GET TO GO SEE THEM! EEEEK! I get these waves of excitment for going, every single day. Not even kidding you. I don't think that anyone out there understands my love for Disneyland. Ok, maybe my Dad. But that's it. I am obviously a little bit excited!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Catch Up Time!

Life is really fun and exciting right now. Lots and lots of different options and opportunities in front of me about the future and it is just a big exciting roller coaster. I really thought that this was going to be the most stressful time of my life, but its not. God is taking care of everything and I am in awe of how smoothly the whole college process is going. We will see if my feelings are still the same when March comes around and I have to actually decide where I am going. But for now, its amazing.

I have been accepted into George Fox University with a significant scholarship. Which is SO EXCITING! I couldn't believe it when I got the call. I don't know if that is where I will be going, but it sure is exciting to be accepted somewhere.

I am applying to Western. Dream school. Everything should be sent out by tomorrow and then we wait and see!

Lately I have been leaning towards wanting to be an elementary school teacher, which really excites me!

My classes this year are much more challenging than I had imagined them being, but they are interesting. Besides Physics. I hate physics.

Jake and I went to a Tenth Avenue Concert. I surprised him with the whole day and we had a blast! Cheesecake Factory, yummy concert, Bellevue Square. Ahhh so so so much fun! And the concert was incredible, but it's Tenth Ave. North. How could it NOT be amazing?

I am so happy the rain is back. I am such a North West girl.

Limeberry is wonderful. You would think that after almost 5 months, I would be sick and tired of frozen yogurt. Nope. Still yummy!

There are TONS of good movies out right now. Which is worth reporting, because there is never anything out in theaters worth seeing.

I have found a new you tube favorite. Rhett and Link. Oh my word... So funny. The end is the best part, so you've gotta wait for it.

Seriously, just watch this. It's kinda long. But it just cracks me up...

That's all. Life is good.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Emily!

You are amazing. Absolutely amazing. You're my best friend and always will be, no matter what. Your hard work ethic inspires me and I love how you find the fun in any situation. Thanks for making me laugh all the time, watching dumb youtube videos with me, and for just being my best buddy. I love you!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

This feels weird. And selfish, and prideful, and... well, just weird. But i am sure that when I look back at this blog post one day I will enjoy seeing these pictures.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my senior pictures.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hodge Podge of Thoughts

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a Senior. And I feel like it too. Lots of college stuff. Ready to graduate (I know... its only September 22 and I am READY to be done!) But its all good. It's fun. I like my classes, the people, the insane amounts of possibilities for the future. It's an adventure, and so far, its been fun.

I really thought this would have been the most stressful and sad time of my life, but it's not. I do not feel stressed about any of the college stuff, scholarships, ACT, SAT, applying to schools, the thought of leaving. I am at total ease about it all! Thank you Jesus! Seriously though, He is really the reason I am not loosing my hair and going insane, cause I know He's got it all figured out. 

On a random note that kinda sorta fits into this blog post if you really stretch it...

I was reading a blog post written by Mike, the lead singer of Tenth Ave North, and he said "Take rest in the fact that all Jesus wants from you is praise, not performance" And that actually has helped me a lot with a busy time in my life. Jesus does not expect a perfect GPA, amazing college essays, lots of scholarships, a happy smile all the time, no stress, lots of giggles, always doing my homework. He expects me to praise Him. Now, I can praise Him through these things. I can do my best at school as I would do my best for Him; resulting in a good GPA. I can trust Him; resulting in no stress. I can believe He already has a college picked out; resulting in a peace I have about the future I can't even explain. Praise doesn't require certain qualifications or abilities but it does require a willing and obedient heart. That's not easy, but it is such a relief to know that Jesus does not expect an amazing star quality performance from Amanda Arend all the time.

Praise not performance.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thank You Summer

Thank you Summer...

for the time I had with friends...

for nights of movie watching, canoeing, laughing, talking, walks around the lake, and ice cream with Jake...

 for Summer Hummer and the challenges and memories that come from it... and for Maddie and her pure awesomeness...

 for sweet baby Kate Roberts!

 for a job I adore...

 for the hours of swimming with my siblings...

 for yummy hamburgers and milkshakes...

for Kaisha and Cody's wedding...

 for the laughs...

for an awesome fourth of July...

for skipping rocks...

for your trip to Mt. St. Helens

for a family to enjoy everything with...

for a cool uncle that I have gotten to know better...

for your late night fires and glorious smores...

for Mariner games...

for baseball and sunshine...

for your amazing sunsets that remind me I am small and completely taken care of by God.

Summer, you have been wonderful to me. Thank you for all the memories and laughs; I will keep with me for a long time. See ya soon...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Staying Positive

I just went to school to register for my Senior classes and I am feeling a bit depressed about the fact that I actually have to go back to school in a week or two. Ugh... So to keep my mind positive were gonna list some positive things

If anything, this makes me have a positive mind set... He's kinda good at getting pulling me out of my negative thinking.

I've had the best summer of my entire life. I did everything I wanted to do and I am really thankful this whole summer has been given to me. Lots of time with Jake, swimming in the lake, friends, family vacations, Kaisha's wedding, late nights watching movies, the Olympics, working, college searching. All of it has been buckets of fun and I wouldn't trade this summer for anything.

The trees will be changing colors soon! Thats always fun! Splashes of bright orange, red, and yellow, yes please! Our school has ONE beautiful aspect to it, and its the trees in the fall. There are 4 trees in the back of the school that take my breath away! Those trees alone, and Maddie, make school tolerable.

My school load wont be too challenging. That's good, right?

I got a new leather purse. More like a satchel thing. But its cute!

I wont have the same math teacher as last year! Now THAT is worth celebrating.

Maddie and I will have classes and lunch together. Hallelujah!

Tenth Ave. North's new album comes out tomorrow. I have been waiting so long for this!

The new Limeberry store opens in a week, is that a positive thing?... Uhh, sure. Why not!

Kaisha started a new blog, it kinda makes my day when she posts something new. Cause she is so stinkin creative and cute and just.... perfect. Here's a link if you need a dose of cuteness to your day...  Kaisha's blog.

My mom and Grandma made apple sauce, super yummy!

Jake's golf season is starting up today! Yippee! Fun to get to watch his golf game improve and destroy all the other golfers in the area. ;)

Maddie is still the coolest thing God has made. Seriously. Life would not be nearly as fun without that girl.

I am taking a Calligraphy class this year, I have no idea if I will be good or not, but it sounded kind of fun to take anyways!

Thats all... I am better now. I guess there is quite a lot to look forward to this year, I suppose I should focus on that instead.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Boys have a smell, a sound, a smell, a certain look, and a smell. Ok, MY brother has a smell. It's not a bad smell necessarily, but a definite smell of... just boy.

Boys are funny. They play around and throw stuff at each other and they like to have their faces pounded into the ground. They like food. A lot. They live to play baseball, football, basketball, xbox, and go to the neighborhood sand pit and roll around in the sand.

They are simply just... boys. And I love that about them.

Thomas has a group of friends in the neighborhood and they are seriously like a gang. They are always together and always wearing about the same attire. Basketball shorts, a 'Champion' tee shirt, long black socks, and Nike shoes. These are the boys I'm talking about. They all run around switching from house to house playing Xbox and baseball. They go to the grocery store together with whatever mom is going. Like I said, a gang. They are all incredibly cute and so fun to listen to their conversation.

Today they all had a home run derby.... Just look at these studs...

Good job Ben for showing all those big kids that the little one sometimes takes first place!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August, really? Wow... time flies....

I havent been blogging much. But thats a good sign. Means that I've found more important and fun things to do other than blogging.

School is gross. I know its gonna be my Senior year and thats exciting and all... but eww. Not talking about this anymore.

Jake lives on a lake, so lots of swimming and hanging out at the dock. Loads of fun.

Emily is funny. Weird, dorky, hilarious, best friend, amazing sister.

Limeberry is amazing. Love that job. Old Navy... Gross. My dad called it "Cold Gravy" I think I'm gonna go with that name from now on. 

Downtown Olympia is cool in the summer.

The Farmers Market is fun. Jake and I go to eat the sample cherries and hear weird bands.

Thomas loves life. Sunshine, baseball, and the X-Box.

Jake's awesome. Lots of fun times with him this summer. Weird random dates that will be some of my favorite memories for a long time.

Had a really good talk with Maddie about how flippin amazing our God is. Can't believe how well He has orchestrated this life of mine.

Also! God's pretty cool. I've loved summer and being able to wake up and spend my time with God fully awake and conscious. During the school year, I'm basically half asleep. Bad, I know. But thats the truth.

Summer Hummer was fun. A challenge, but really fun. Wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else. Thanks Maddie.

And uhhhh thats it! Happy end of your summer little blogger readers.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Catch Up Time

This will be quick and to the point and really just for me to look back at one day and smile cause of the memories.

My summer so far has been absolutely amazing. Lots of hanging out with friends, and family. Lots of work and time with Jake. Its everything I would want in a summer. Swimming at Jake's lake a TON! Tan lines, summer hummer. Yupp.... its all just perfect!

Fourth of July with Uncle Brett, Kaisha, and Cody! Such a blast

Making awesome ty-dye bandanas and a sign for good ole Summer Hummer!

Couldnt ask for a better counselor to get through this week with! Maddie and I have had a total blast and are loving it all. Even when the group is a little tricky. I am lucky for a best friend like her!
Ahhhh... This is perfect. I have spent many summer nights up late watching movies or talking or just hanging out with this cool guy. Swimming in the lake, making Walmart trips for just a coloring book, Fred Meyer shopping trips, dinner out, fun places to go to lunch. Yea, we have a good time when we are together! :)