Friday, March 16, 2012

Made My Day

You picked out some great flowers Jake, and I figured they were worth a little blog attention. You sure know how to make my day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Rock and Worship Roadshow

Have you ever heard of this event? I sure hadn't. You pay 10 bucks at the Key Arena and get to go watch some incredible bands.  I got to see Lecrae, Tenth Avenue North (My favorite band!), Mercy Me, Sidewalk Prophets, Disciples, and Hawk Nelson. All for 10 bucks! Such fun.

So Jake Emily and I went up to Seattle and got in the line of easily 800 people and waited for the doors to open. Then ta-da... concert time. Such a great time with 2 of my very favorite people! And guess what? My mom let me drive to Seattle by myself. Thank you Mom! It was fun to take just another big step of independence. Thankfully Jake was in the car, and having him in the car is like having a GPS, and safely got us out of downtown Seattle late at night! And that makes #2085 why Jake is a great boyfriend.

But needless to say, I had an incredible time. I've never been to a rock concert, so that was a first! What a crazy atmosphere.... There was one group that was a hard core rock group... screaming into the microphone and all that jazz.  And I couldn't help but just laugh. I had never seen anything like that in my life. And I have always wanted to see Tenth Avenue North and they didn't disappoint, not at all!
Obviously, Mr. GPS wasn't ready for this picture...

Great memories I have from that night. Thanks Emily and Jake for such a fun evening. And thanks again Mom and Dad for letting me drive us. ;)