Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Memorial Day Weekend

I dont feel like writing today. At all. Or piecing together a story, that just sounds like too much thinking for my liking right now. So here we go... My Memorial Day weekend in bullet points. And because I don't like picture-less blog posts and I want to share this one.... here is a picture for ya!

Photo props to Chris Jespersen. Woot woot!

  • Grandma Marcia comes to visit
  • Men in Black 2
  • National Treasure 2
  • Yummy dinners cooked by my wonderful mom
  • Uncle Brett coming over
  • Work
  • Church
  • Soho lunch with youth group buddies
  • Work
  • Macys shopping with Zack and Jake (funny thing going shopping with boys trying to pick out a tie)
  • Jamba Juice
  • Home made pancakes
  • Avengers
  • Playing "Mau"
  • Making cookies
  • BBQ at the Shiers
  • Thinking Mr. Shier could possibly be the funniest person I have ever met in my life
  • Watching 40 minutes of "Whose Line Is It Anyways" clips on Youtube
  • Laughing, laughing, laughing
  • Redbox
  • Jake being awesome as usual
Awesome 3 day weekend if you ask me! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baseball Champions!

Thomas's Team, The RAYS are the Champions of the season! Atta boys! So proud of you Thomas and it was so fun getting to watch you play this year!

This end of the year tournament was really fun to watch and intense games! The boys played well and I had a fun time watching them, in the sun AND the rain!

Duncan and Thomas
Thomas as the catcher. Plus, my moms awesome photography!

Me, Melanie, Emily. Good buddies from church and the sisters of some really studly baseball baseball boys! 


Focusing very hard on the game

Ok just kidding. Jake and my Dad are. Not me...

Picture Time!

Lets make this simple. Maddie and I love pictures. Pictures of other people, things, plants, ourselves, animals... basically anything. Could spend HOURS just looking at pictures. In fact, pretty sure thats what we have done many times before. After any retreat where a mass amount of pictures are taken, Maddie and I have endless hours of entertainment ahead of us! Its pretty awesome. Funny thing is... Maddie and I dont have a ton of pictures of ourselves, but this problem ended on Friday! Maddie and I made cupcakes and had a little photo shoot thanks to glorious self timer! Such fun and lots of laughs that came out of the whole thing... And some pretty cute pictures!

 Thank you self timer accidents and sudden gusts of wind that make your hair go everywhere :)

 Lets just take a moment and look at how incredibly gorgeous this girl is! Maddie is stunning!

Long story. Old joke... Good ole golf season...

 Skeleton fingers and a passion for golf. That's my Maddie!

 This right here is a perfect shot.

Emily is a pro jumper!

My 2 favorite girls on this planet! So blessed by them in so many ways!

Cutie Patooties!

Yea for Friday nights, ty-dye cupcakes and my best friend!

We were pretty proud of ourselves about these little cupcakes!

Told ya we like pictures of just about anything!

Maddie and her cute little boyfriend. They make a great couple!

"Shhh my beautiful, say no more"

We both just about died after this picture was taken

Sweet Annie Girl!

This sums us up! I'm just standing paralyzed in laughter while Maddie is frantically running around. Perfection.
I took this picture. You're welcome.

So to sum this one up... Maddie rocks. Maddie is amazing. Maddie is my best friend. Maddie and I crack ourselves up. I am so glad God has allowed us to be best friends and to spend these High School years and beyond together!