Saturday, June 16, 2012


Well... The 17th is Father's Day and the 18th is my Dad's birthday. This means its time for a celebration! My dad had church choir rehersal this morning and a list of chores my mom gave him, which gave us plenty of time to get a party ready and surprise him. My Grandma Jill, Uncle Todd, Uncle Scott and Uncle Todd's girlfriend came down. Along with good ole' Jake. When we he came home we had food ready, decorations up, and family and friends around. Such a fun afternoon with amazing people! 

Dad, thanks for being such an incredible Dad. I look up to you so much and I am so thankful that God blessed me with a Dad like you. You are smart, caring, understanding, patient, FUNNY, involved, a strong believer in Christ, a role model and just a really fun person to be around. Thank you for loving me and Emily and Thomas so much and for pouring so much of yourself into our lives. We love you so much!

OKAY! These 2... My mom looks over and says, "Hey you 3... SMILE!" So, me being the good obedient child, I smile. Duh. That's what youre suppose to do. But Emily and Jake, without saying a word to one another both made a silly face. They crack me up.

This would be a great example of Thomas's photography. He says your name so you turn around to say "What?" and then he snaps the picture. Its great fun... to him at least. 

See, Jake is just one step ahead of the game. He just turned around with a weird face... Brilliance. 

Emily is really into card tricks right now. And they are really good card tricks too! Ones that make you stop and go... "Wait.... how on earth did you just do that?" They are really fun, and as much as I pester her about telling me how she did them, I do love seeing her learn new tricks and show me. 

Uncle Scott was trying hard to figure out how she did her magic.