Friday, December 27, 2013


A couple years ago, I started to realize the importance of gentleness. How God calls us to be gentle. One of the fruits of the Spirit is "Gentleness". I always thought of this as weakness, incompetence, and pathetic. 2 years ago Maddie gave me this poem she found somewhere that describes gentleness. And it changed my whole view of being gentle. So here ya go....

Gentleness is not something shameful 
Or subordinate
Or second best. 
It is supreme strength of character--
Minus the muscle. 
Gentleness is being vulnerable and honest--
Removing your masks and forgetting everything you ever heard
About "macho" men and Marlboro "manliness". 
It says: can I help you?"
And "I'm sorry"
And "thanks a million."
Gentleness is admitting you have
Needs and hurts and fears 
And is willing to ask for help. 
It stands up for the rights of others
And not for your own.
Gentleness is the unfading beauty in a quiet spirit
Or an encouraging word
Or a kind smile
Or a good cry. 
It is being able to talk openly 
With a member of the opposite sex
Or to play with a child
Or to laugh with an adult. 
Gentleness soothes the broiling edge of anger
And hate
And prejudice 
And pride. 
It is strength that grows
From the inside out. 
Gentleness is a velvet-wrapped brick. 

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