Monday, April 30, 2012

Old Pictures

Found these in some photo albums and figured they were worth sharing. :) Enjoy!

 Power Puff Girls for Halloween
Some road trip all zoned out on watching the DVD player while eating chicken nuggets.... life was GOOD!

 The moment we found out we had another sibling on the way!
 Around the World Ballet. Chinese girl and little Madeline
 Camping Trip fun!

Our good friend Tigger

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Ever sense Jake and I started dating, I've gotten to know this other girl in his life. She holds a special little part in his heart, but its OK. Were still friends. Boo is this cute little Boston Terrier that is probably the friendliest animal I have ever met. She has a ton of energy and cant ever seem to manage to run straight, which always cracks me up. But over these past 6 and a half months, Boo and I have gotten to be pretty darn good buddies!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rainiers Games and Good Friday

I had the treat of going to a Rainiers game with the Shier family last night. Tessa and Piper were singing the National Anthem with the Olympia Youth Chorus and so we went to go watch! Such fun... and so so so very cold. Brr... I had 3 jackets on and some blankets. Holy moly it was cold. But the game was great and the Rainiers won!

And on a totally different note... it was Good Friday. Take a moment to think about what Jesus did for you. He was brutally murdered on that cross for you. For your sins so that you could one day be in paradise with you. Please keep in the front of your mind that this holiday is not about the candy, Easter Eggs, of fun Spring dresses. But this is about the Son of God dying for you.