Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sometimes, really awesome people do really awesome things. Like really awesome parents who get you a really awesome Mac. Or a really awesome boyfriend, who gets you really awesome earrings.

Friday, December 21, 2012

A lot has happened since I last blogged. And it's too overwhelming to think about writing down everything in  chronological  order. So here is a hodge podge of whats been going on. 

Do you ever have a verse that grabs your attention and God doesn't let it leave your mind? You think about it, pray about it, and are absolutely consumed with what it has to say? Yupp, that's exactly what this verse has done for me lately. I ran across it about a month ago, and wowza! Changed my heart, mind and attitude quite dramatically. I love how the Bible proves itself to be alive.

On a different note.... LOOK! I was accepted into Western. And I don't want to brag about myself here.... but this is exciting! Also, because of my GPA and admissions essay, my application will be sent off to the scholarship committee for the first batch of scholarships to be given out. Thank you Jesus! I was so nervous about being accepted here, and considering it is my top choice for school next year, I was so excited to hear I got in! Thank you Jesus! Seriously...

THIS GIRL! She is awesome. Awesome awesome awesome. I am always really thankful for our friendship, but lately its just blowing me away! The way God introduced us, the hard stuff we have gone through, and all the many hours of giggles. I am so thankful for a friend like her!

And... big knews.... Maddie and I... we are going...... TO DISNEYLAND! HELLO! How exciting is that? Our parents decided that we could go, BY OURSELVES, over spring break to Disneyland. 4 days in Disneyland with Maddie? Oh, sing Hallelujah! This will be a par-tay!
I GET TO GO SEE THEM! EEEEK! I get these waves of excitment for going, every single day. Not even kidding you. I don't think that anyone out there understands my love for Disneyland. Ok, maybe my Dad. But that's it. I am obviously a little bit excited!