Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Catch Up Time

This will be quick and to the point and really just for me to look back at one day and smile cause of the memories.

My summer so far has been absolutely amazing. Lots of hanging out with friends, and family. Lots of work and time with Jake. Its everything I would want in a summer. Swimming at Jake's lake a TON! Tan lines, summer hummer. Yupp.... its all just perfect!

Fourth of July with Uncle Brett, Kaisha, and Cody! Such a blast

Making awesome ty-dye bandanas and a sign for good ole Summer Hummer!

Couldnt ask for a better counselor to get through this week with! Maddie and I have had a total blast and are loving it all. Even when the group is a little tricky. I am lucky for a best friend like her!
Ahhhh... This is perfect. I have spent many summer nights up late watching movies or talking or just hanging out with this cool guy. Swimming in the lake, making Walmart trips for just a coloring book, Fred Meyer shopping trips, dinner out, fun places to go to lunch. Yea, we have a good time when we are together! :)