Sunday, July 28, 2013

This is, by far, the best thing I have found on Pinterest yet. I was laughing so hard. Enjoy!

the story of the metal chicken

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Here we go!!

I believe it may be time to be done blogging. I don't find many exciting things to blog about.

But that seems a bit sad to say goodbye to this little ole friend of mine. So I figured I would just start using it to post photos. A quick thought. A funny clip. A good song.

I want to re-read this blog when i am older and remember what it was like for me when I was whatever age that may be. What music did I like? What made me laugh? What was so important I would want to capture it in a photo and save it?

So here we go.

Quick. To the point. Simple.

Probably really boring for all you readers.... (All 2 of you). But that's alright. Maybe one day I will find enough energy to blog about real stuff and write inspiring stuff. Maybe not. We shall see.

A new song I found and LOVE! This song captures everything good about summer. Good ole John Mayer. Pulled through with another great song that will be on repeat for quite a while on my iPod and computer.