Monday, February 27, 2012

This Picture...

...Is absolutely perfect in every single way.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Now, I know that all of you at somepoint have thought... "Gosh! I wish there was a way that I could talk on the phone with my best friends with 2 free hands". Now, the thought of a blue tooth is out of the question. They are too expensive, too main stream, too cumbersome... Now, I dont want you all to get depressed. Cause the one and only Madison Peppley has come to our rescue. She has come up with something no other human being would have thought of...

Simply take 3 head bands and strap the phone onto your head. Not only is this extremely hip, but also extremely handy.  You have full range of motion with your hands AND get to talk to your biffle on the phone.


You wanna know what else is brilliance? Air 1 (88.1). This radio station is AMAZING! Its kinda the new Spirit 105.3  Except they actually play good music. Sorry all you Spirit fans. They play music besides Chris Tomlin, and its usually the music I enjoy. So check it out! And also, every week they have a free song you can download, which is fun to get a free song every week!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snow Retreat 2012

WOOT WOOT! The time has come... Snow Retreat with the good ole youth group. Lots and lots of fun. Every time I am with the youth group, I am reminded of how incrediby fun heaven will be. Getting to be in perfect fellowship with these people for eternity? Ahhhh.... This is gonna be incredible. I can't wait. I am so incredibly blessed by these people weekly and couldn't have asked for a cooler, funnier, Godly, wise group of friends. Truly truly blessed by them.  I learned a lot this weekend. We focused on having a wonder for God. And how we loose that over time. Made me realize I need to renew my wonder for my Creator. An aspect of my Christian walk I had never really thought about. God blows my mind.

The Junior/Senior Girls played a great prank on the boys cabin. Took all their deoderant and replaced it with girls deoderant.  Nicely done girls... nicely done.

Who dates someone with a unicycle? Oh wait..

Just a funny story captured in this picture. My goodness... boys and their shoes. Gotta keep em clean. Even if that means cleaning them in the LAKE!

Deep thoughts...

One of the very fun things about this trip was the skate boards.  A few of the boys brought skate boards (or in Jake's case, a unicycle) and rode them around during free time.  I may not be able to ride a skate board, but watching people ride them is very entertaining in my opinion.

This may be a bad picture to say this on... But I can not even begin to express how thankful I am for the youth group boys.  They are extremely polite and funny and treat all of us girls with a great deal of respect.  Thanks guys for being true gentlemen and really seeking after God.

These 2 girls are 2 of the biggest and greatest gifts God has given me. I love them mucho mucho mucho!

My B-E-A-U-tiful sister!

My alli. Not yours. MINE!

So thankful for him!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Little Baby

I got the blessing of getting to hold this little bundle of sweetness. Congradulations Wescott and Heather on your new addition to your family!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Just some random stuff I don't wanna forget

 Car rides with her are a total blast. On Friday we drove around a long time just listening to music and rolling the windows down. It was about 53 degrees outside but we were gonna pretend it was summer. Good times... good times... 

Come on people... how funny is this? This runs through my brain daily at school. People, just don't be stupid! 

Friday night dates with Jake... Does it get any better then this? Happy Teriyaki food and Jake... Yea, it can't possibly get better then that.

Sweet little things I get like flowers from a special someone ;)

Excuse the poor picture quality. But this picture is great. Lewis (aka Sparkie) is in love with my Maddie. I am afraid he is gonna steal her from me.