Saturday, February 2, 2013

Facebook Stalking and a Beautiful God

I was facebook stalking some random friend of mine a few days ago, and I ran across this picture that she took. WOW. Just look at that... The colors, silhouettes, clouds, water....

I sat there looking at this picture for a long time. And all I could think was "God is so beautiful."

 Then it hit me... We don't deserve a world this beautiful. God could have made this world black and white, nothing exciting, and just plain boring. But He CHOSE to make colors, and shapes, and the sky, and sunsets. He made the air have particles that reflect light in different ways. He gave us eyes that allow us to see it all. He gave us a sense of wonder to experience it. Think about all that goes into JUST admiring a sunset. All of that is a gift. And then it sunk in even deeper, that the God that created all of this with a whisper is the God that's planning my life. He is the master and creator of MY life. He might have whispered the world into existence, but He knitted me together.

And then I realized... I'm gonna be just fine.