Friday, January 3, 2014

I'm Moving!

New Blog!

Friday, December 27, 2013


A couple years ago, I started to realize the importance of gentleness. How God calls us to be gentle. One of the fruits of the Spirit is "Gentleness". I always thought of this as weakness, incompetence, and pathetic. 2 years ago Maddie gave me this poem she found somewhere that describes gentleness. And it changed my whole view of being gentle. So here ya go....

Gentleness is not something shameful 
Or subordinate
Or second best. 
It is supreme strength of character--
Minus the muscle. 
Gentleness is being vulnerable and honest--
Removing your masks and forgetting everything you ever heard
About "macho" men and Marlboro "manliness". 
It says: can I help you?"
And "I'm sorry"
And "thanks a million."
Gentleness is admitting you have
Needs and hurts and fears 
And is willing to ask for help. 
It stands up for the rights of others
And not for your own.
Gentleness is the unfading beauty in a quiet spirit
Or an encouraging word
Or a kind smile
Or a good cry. 
It is being able to talk openly 
With a member of the opposite sex
Or to play with a child
Or to laugh with an adult. 
Gentleness soothes the broiling edge of anger
And hate
And prejudice 
And pride. 
It is strength that grows
From the inside out. 
Gentleness is a velvet-wrapped brick. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This Quarter...

I met Sophia
I met Gus
I met Tyler
I met Thanh
I met Aunt Shay
I learned how to park in tiny little parking spots
I learned how to study
I learned how to stay up and cram for a test
I learned how to get ready in 10 minutes
I learned how to do a long distance friendship with Maddie.
I loved Jesus.
I loved Jake.
I loved Maddie.
I loved learning.
I loved my family.
I loved laughter.
I laughed with Jake.
I laughed with Maddie although we were 528 miles apart.
I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.
I laughed with Tyler.
I laughed at youtube clips.
I laughed with my Dad.
I laughed with my Mom.
I laughed late into the night over silly things with Emily.
I laughed at STUPID youtube clips with Thomas.
I laughed with Jimmy Fallon.
I missed Maddie.
I missed John.
I found Tyler.
I found Sydney
I found laughter with new friends.
I found parts of me I didn't know existed.
I found the Vanilla Chai Tea Latte.
I found Jesus.
I saw the faithfulness of Jesus as he provided for me. Bringing me new friends, challenging classes, a mind capable of learning. Laughter. Joy. Peace.
I saw my best friend leave for Idaho.
I saw Maddie come home to surprise me!
I saw my sister be a drum major.
I saw my brother and Sam laugh so hard they cried.
I saw Jake do exceptionally well in golf this season.
I saw the Seahawks have an amazing season! (They still are!)
I received a sense of peace and contentment found only in Jesus Christ. Jesus continually brought me closer to Him and reminded me daily that my life is here to glorify Him. Not me. Not what other's think of me. I am not here to impress anybody else but Him.
I listened to Ben Rector.
I listed to an embarrassing amount of Chemistry Khan Academy videos.
I listed to 80's music. Cause it's just so great.
I listed to my sister's band show about 3000000 times. And loved it.
I listed to Thomas practice the bells.
I listed to my dad's advice.
I listed to God in the stillness. A totally new thing for me.
I listed to constant and gentle encouragement from Jake.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Christ took away your sins. Where did he take them? To the top of a hill called Calvary, where he endured not just the nails of the Romans, the mockery of the crowd, and the spear of the soldier but the anger of God. Saturate your heart in this.

 God didn't overlook your sins, lest he endorse the. He didn't punish you, lest he destroy you. He instead found a way to punish the sin and preserve the sinner. Jesus took your punishment, and God gave you credit for Jesus' perfection.

 As long as the cross is God's gift to the world, it will touch you but not change you. Precious as it is to proclaim, 'Christ died for the world,' even sweeter it is to whisper, 'Christ died for me'." - Max Lucado

Thursday, September 5, 2013

This promise gives me chills.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Lovin'

Tye-Dying bandanas for Summer Hummer!

The 2 best Summer Hummer Counselors in town!

Painted Plate date....

Girls downtown date!

It's always fun to get a picture of Jake and I at Summer Hummer. This is where we say we "officially met"4 years ago.

What a beautiful lot Jake lives on!

Jake and I had the most fun date! We spent an entire day in Seattle and got to go to Pike Place, an amazing ice cream shop, and got to go to a Mariners game. I am beyond spoiled by him!

LOOK AT MY LITTLE CAR! It's mine! I bought it. With my money. My name is on the title. IT IS MINE! Her name is Dorothy. She's a stick shift, so that is.... interesting. I feel like I am 16 again and completely nervous to be on the roads. But she is a champ! 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

This is, by far, the best thing I have found on Pinterest yet. I was laughing so hard. Enjoy!

the story of the metal chicken